Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Sigmasoft & Dormed Hellas!

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In the context of upgrading the capabilities of MedExpress Medical Software, Sigmasoft announces the launch
of a strategic collaboration with DORMED HELLAS, aiming at the innovative automated interconnection process
of Dormed’s Hellas ultrasonics with the Complete Patient Record of MedExpress.

DORMED HELLAS has been operating in the field od medical devices with the main object of supplying and technical
support for new and reconstructed ultrasounds, since 1992.

Within the framework of strategic cooperation:

  • Dormed Hellas will EXCLUSIVELY provide for the doctor-users of MedExpress special preferential
    prices for ultrasounds and medical devices, and
  • Sigmasoft will provide to DORMED’S HELLAS existing customers the new capability of automated
    Dormed Hellas ultrasonic inteconnection process with the Complete Patient Record of MedExpress.

The aim of both companies is to help create a more efficient operating environment for modern physicians,
using new and advanced IT technologies and medical equipment.

For more information about Dormed Hellas, click here.





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