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Sigmasoft announces the launch of a strategic partnership with the Swiss company Clinerion as its official representative
in Greece and Cyprus, to provide its information systems, which aim at speeding up the process of selection of patients
involved in clinical research.

Clinerion is a global leader in health informatics, particularly in the field of utilization medical data, with activity in 16 countries.
The company has developed and provides the groundbreaking platform Patient Network Explorer, which improves the effectiveness
of clinical trials, by searching for suitable patient candidates, in real-time and in multi-hospital networks using the electronic
patient hospital records (EHRs).

clinical trialAs part of their cooperation, Sigmasoft SA and its technical team will support Clinerion
in Greece and Cyprus in the integration of hospitals, clinics and polyclinics on the
Patient Network Explorer platform.

Clinerion will offer hospitals in Greece and Cyprus access to its information system
through which they will be able to collect anonymized patient data, in order to identify
the appropriate
patients who will participate in clinical trials. The parallel aim is to
achieve indirectly, direct access to the
patients in innovative treatments and
new effective medicines.
Already by 2018, the Hygeia Group and Athens Medical Group have been added to
Clinerion’s worldwide network of collaborating nursing clinics and with the help of
Sigmasoft SA, a significant number of hospitals will be added in 2019, contributing
substantially to the development of the Clinical Studies Division in Greece & Cyprus.
For more information about the Swiss company Clinerion, please visit
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