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The MedExpress Support Department of Sigmasoft S.A announced a new module of MedExpress, Sigma Dicom Connector.
Through this module the Medical Software automatically connects with ultrasound devices to perform diagnostic tests at
doctor’s office ot at home visits.

Via “smart driver” Sigma Dicom Connector  has the ability of multiple connections with doctors’ ultrasounds  that export:

  • Dicom Files (*.dcm , *.dic , *.acr)
  • Dicom directories

The ultrasound files for each patient are automatically integrated into the MedExpress Patient Tab and using the Image & Dicom
Viewer, some of the features doctors have are the following:

  • View the file
  • Zoom in and out
  • Image rotation
  • Surface measurement

Our goal in Sigmasoft is to contribute to the creation of a more efficient operating environment in the modern practice by integrating
new and advanced IT and medical equipment.

The new module of MedExpress Sigma Dicom Connector extends your capability to offer full support to your patients through your
Doctor’s central software.

For more information about the new module’s features, please click here.

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