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An important technological update of the data base and development platform of MedExpress was announced by the MedExpress Support Team of SigmaSoft S.A.

The goal of the update is the incorporation of all the new possibilities and improvements that have been asked by the users of MedExpress, in the next period of time, through the “Tell us what you think & Questionnaire” in the home screen of the platform.

Some of the most important improvements are:

Health patients’ record

  1. Health patients’ record
  2. Capability to integrate files-images of diagnostic examinations
  3. Infirmary appointment management
  4. Ability to connect with medical equipment
  5. Ability to connect with patients’ medical devices
  6. Prescription reminder subsystem for patients with chronic diseases
  7. Indicators (KPIs) of infirmary output.

In SigmaSoft S.A. we listen carefully to the needs of our clients, in order to be able to provide the best possible experience. Our company is always in the center of evolution and at the edge of computer science, with main goal the adoption of new tools and continuous upgrade of our services.

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